About Me
Hi, my name is Syai, and my friends call me AZ. My passion for cooking started as a child. As I watched my mum whipping out mouthwatering delicacies without referring to a recipe, it piqued my interest, and since then, I've always wanted to cook delicious meals to bring delight to the taste buds of diners! Also, because I love painting, I saw the entire process of cooking as an art style, much like creating a masterpiece that everyone loves.

Why I Started Aztro Bistro
I started this business because I saw the joy and community that good food brings together. So I decided to start Aztro Bistro to share my culinary creations and local cuisines with Singaporeans. Importantly, Aztro Bistro was started to give foodies a place to enjoy a good meal without travelling far.

Homemade Butter Chicken and Cheesy Potato Balls
The Homemade Butter Chicken and Cheesy Potato Balls are a delicacy I have come to love so much, including my friends and family. Apart from having a great taste, they are filling and super nutritious. These dishes were created when I craved something tasty and comforting. When cooking, I usually add a generous amount of mozzarella in the Cheesy Potato Balls - exactly how my family and friends love it.

So grab a bite of my Homemade Butter Chicken and Cheesy Potato Balls. I hope you like them!

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